Gianluca Stani

SRA Instruments Italy


Gianluca Stani
Industrial Division Manager
Gianluca has more than 20 years of gascromatography experience, specializing from MicroGC to GCxGC technology. He has held position of Technical GC Coordinator in ENI Research Center in Italy, Senior Chromatography Specialist in Chrompack BV and Varian Inc, growing deep experience in method development related on petroleum, oil & gas, environmental applications. As VP of Industrial Business, Gianluca join SRA Instruments SpA in 2000 leading the GC core business, international projects and contribute significantly to the SRA products development.

Short description about presentation:

The OLIS valve assembly is intended for an automatic homogeneous introduction of pressurized liquid samples into gas chromatographs equipped with split/splitless capillary inlet. The GC injection of liquid samples with wide boiling point range (i.e. petroleum fractions) suffers of quantification problem due to discrimination between light and heavy compounds.

The OLIS injector valve can be successfully applied for automatic and unattended GC injection of pressurized liquid samples without compromising efficiency and resolution of the capillary column. Some examples of application will be presented such as solvent impurity and light liquid hydrocarbons analysis.