PEFTEC 2019 - Exhibitor - VICI AG

VICI (Valco Instruments Co. Inc. and VICI AG International) is one of the leading sources for top quality components for HPLC, UHPLC, LC, FIA, SFE, SFC and Lab Safety. The Valco, Cheminert, Jour, DBS and Precision Sampling product lines include injectors, selection valves for low pressure, HPLC and UHPLC, actuators, H2 & N2generators, polymeric and metal fittings, filters, polymeric tubing (PEEK, PTFE, ETFE, FEP, PFA), metal tubing (SS, Titanium, Nickel, Hastelloy C), sample loops, syringes, tools and liquid handling pumps. The UHPLC valves and fittings are the right tools to deal with higher pressures and a demand for longer lifetime.



Products on Display at PEFTEC

19" Rack Hydrogen Generators for analyser and GC detector and carrier gas applications,
19" Rack Zero Air Generators for analyser and GC detector applications,
Nitrogen Generators for analyser, Valco Valves, Fittings, Tubing, Gas Filter, FAST GC, FTP-200 with FID/On-Column Injector, 235 Dynacalibrator, Permeation Devices

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