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European Lab Services delivers calibration and testing services for industrial and medical laboratories. With the expertise and flexibility of the ELS calibration engineers we offer carefree confidence in your instruments and assure high precision measurement and traceability.

- In-lab and on-site temperature calibration of resistance thermometers, temperature measurement chains, liquid in glass thermometers and temperature loggers according to ISO 17025.
- In-lab and on-site mass calibration of laboratory balances according to IS0 17025
- In-lab and on-site electrical resistance calibration according to ISO 17025
- On-site verification of thermostatic baths, ovens and refrigerators according to ISO 17025
- On-site verification of lab centrifuges according to ISO 17025
- On-Site verification of petroleum analyzers according to ISO 17025
- Total care & maintenance service for laboratory instruments and analyzers

European Lab Services has offices in Belgium (Temse), The Netherlands (Rotterdam) and France (Caen), this allows us to intervene quickly to your calibration or service needs.

Having ELS as your service partner results in high performance, international recognition, less worrying and increasing credibility.


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