PEFTEC 2017 - RAE Benelux

Company: RAE Benelux
Stand No:  40a
Address: Amsterdamstraat 28
Country:  Belgium
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Company Profile
RAE Benelux is the market leader in (wireless) gas detection!

This makes us your detection specialist for radiation meters and gas detection meters. With our gas detection equipment we provide equipment protection through detection.

RAE Benelux is a specialist in gas detection - radiation and other hazardous substances. Produces and designs (wireless) gas detectors and radiation gauges for your safety. The range is wide, including PID meters for measuring VOCs (volatile organic components), multi gas monitors for entry into closed spaces. Do you want to do the calibration yourself? This can be done with the shown gases and valves.

Specially formulated for you: Container meal bags are for entering confined spaces (container). The strongest point is therefore wireless gas detection and PID meters. There is also a wide range of gas meters. Also check the calibration and service, our rental program and our gas measurement course.

RAE Benelux is a part of the American manufacturer RAE Systems in California. In a few years, we have been able to develop our branch to become the largest gas detector supplier in the Benelux.

The power comes from our range of wireless multi-gas detectors and single-gas meters where PID measurements can also be implemented. The best high quality PID meters for measuring VOCs at the best prices.
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