PEFTEC 2017 - Ortelium

Company: Ortelium
Stand No:  148
Address: Zekeringstraat 48

Country:  Netherlands
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Ortelium - Unlock the power of your environmental data with ease and flexibility.

Ortelium is a dynamic atlas that collects, visualises and analyses data from IoT and human sources, such as sensor data or citizen observations. It provides real-time intelligence on the impact of past, current and future events, for smarter decision-making right now.

We have created a variety of solutions that are already helping our clients across the globe. Tried and tested, they are ready to achieve new successes in similar use cases.

Would you like a robust data base to help you better understand your plant over time and under specific weather conditions?
Do you want to review your plant’s processes, identify opportunities for improvement and make fact-based operational decisions?
Do you want to reduce emission-based complaints while keeping your processes optimised?
Do you want to make your environmental impact distinguishable from other industrial emissions in your area?
Do you want to create a dynamic sensor map?

Ortelium is your tool.

With a series of highly specialised but ready-to-use modules, Ortelium’s true power lies in its adaptability. Simply select the combination of functionality you need, or ask us to develop a customised atlas to meet your unique operational goals.
Products on Display at PEFTEC
You can create your dynamic Ortelium atlas by combining a selection of ready-to-use technology modules.

- OBSERVATION MODULE: Collect, analyse, manage and report event-based observations, and share your data with stakeholders.

- POINTS OF INTEREST MODULE: Define points or areas that are of special interest for your data monitoring.

- METEO DATA MODULE: Cross-check and validate other data channels against weather data.

- SENSOR MODULE: Integrate any kind of sensor for continuous environmental monitoring and data visualisation.

- DYNAMIC DISPERSION MODELLING MODULE: Calculate and visualise your emissions dispersion on a digital map.

- PROCESS OPTIMISATION MODULE: Maximise operational efficiency while minimising emissions.

- SAP INTERFACE MODULE: Learn more about your company’s data, for greater business intelligence.

If you don't find the right combination of modules for your needs, we can develop a tailor-made module that is fully compatible with the Ortelium platform technology.
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