PEFTEC 2017 - LNI Swissgas

Company: LNI Swissgas
Stand No:  104
Address: Route des Fayards 243
Country:  Switzerland
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Company Profile
LNI Swissgas, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is working on applications involving high purity gases generation for lab analytical systems, gas calibrators, diluters for applications requiring high precision gas standards and mixtures. Calibrators are used for applications in CEM, Air Pollution Monitoring, analysers manufacturers, gas producers, national metrology institutes and R&D labs. All requiring high precision gas mixtures either for continuous use, spot calibrations, in the lab or in the field. Generators are mainly dedicated to analytical devices installed in laboratories requiring high purity gases for measurement techniques such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, etc.

The product portfolio includes:
- High precision gas calibrators and diluters with sonic nozzle technology
- High flexibility gas mixers and diluters with Mass Flow Controller technology
- Hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen 19" rack generators for APM and CEM
- Hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen generators of high performances for GC and LCMS applications
- Ozone Generators for low concentrations
- Trace compounds generators with permeation tubes technology
LNI Swissgas maintains ISO 9001 for corporate activities, research and manufacturing.

In order to satisfy high metrological requirements, LNI Swissgas provides state of the art calibration service since several years with its own accredited ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

LNI Swissgas will be present at PEFTEC 2017 booth number 104 and will be pleased to meet you in order to discuss about your applications and questions.
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