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Company: Elementar Analysensysteme
Stand No:  86
Address: Elementar-Str. 1
Country:  Germany
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Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH is the world's leading German manufacturer of analytical instruments for non-metallic elements like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen or chlorine in all organic and the majority of inorganic substances.

We are experienced specialists for CHNOS elemental analysis, Nitrogen/Protein analysis by Dumas combustion, and TOC / TNb analysis for micro and macro samples. Special digestion units and accessories complement the area of non-metallic elemental analysis. Our main application fields cover a wide range from fundamental research to highly specialized quality control.

Furthermore, we are able to provide complete solutions for all kind of stable isotope analysis of organic elements like CHNOS. Stable isotope analysis brings unique insight into the origin of an unknown sample and helps to understand for example food adulteration, future climate scenarios and biological processes.

Since more than 110 years, we target the needs of a lot of markets, like the application fields of agriculture, chemicals, energy, environmental, forensics and materials. This is only possible through continuous innovations, creative solutions and comprehensible support for all of our customers.
Products on Display at PEFTEC

trace SN cube

Sulfur and Nitrogen Determination down to Trace-level
Understanding the concentrations of sulfur and nitrogen in liquid materials are of critical importance in refining operations for two main reasons: regulatory purposes and process optimization. Monitoring of sulfur and nitrogen starts in upstream feed stocks, where concentrations in the high ppm range are typical. As these crudes get refined, measurements of how much S and N pass through catalytic reactors are carefully considered, maximizing the overall lifetime of catalysts. Downstream, these refined products will often be mixed with ethanol, further lowering the total S and N in final products. For the manufacturer to know the final concentrations it is imperative that analytical technology is capable of detecting such low levels.

Unique Combustion System
The trace SN cube is the most sensitive analyzer worldwide for sulfur and nitrogen in diesel, gasoline and related samples. The catalyst-supported combustion technology ensures complete combustion and full recovery of all kinds of sample without soot formation. The sample is always injected directly into the combustion tube. Thus, the analysis time is just 3-5 minutes, depending on sample type.
The trace SN cube works as two analyzers in one box. The sample is injected twice in two different combustion tubes which allows the specific optimization of the oxidation process for each element.

High Sensitive Detection
High sensitive chemiluminescence and UV fluorescence detectors ensure utmost sensitivity: 6 ppb fur sulfur and 15 ppb for nitrogen. This ultra-trace sensitivity allow for uncompromised analysis of sulfur and nitrogen even in samples of lowest concentrations.

All-in-one Instrumentation
Along with liquid injections the trace SN cube can be equipped with gas, LPG or solids module for a variety of matrices. A temperature controllable autosampler is also available which allows the analysis of highly volatile samples.

rapid OXY cube

Oxygen analysis for fighting corrosion
Oxygen-containing compounds in fuels (alcohols, naphtenic acids, carboxylic acids, ethers, furans,…), so called oxygenates, represent a potential corrosion hazard in refineries, because refining reactions involving oxygenates might lead to formation of free water in the processing units. However, compound-specific analysis of the diverse array of oxygenates is complex and time-consuming, making the determination of total oxygen a promising alternative for the assessment of oxygen-related corrosion hazards.

Get OXYted about oxygen analysis
Precise oxygen analysis does not have to be complicated. The new rapid OXY cube perfectly adapts to your analytical demands in oxygen concentration measurement. With our patented technology, you no longer have to worry about distortion of your analytical results. The new rapid OXY cube combines highest accuracy with unmatched operating comfort and great robustness.

A long and inexpensive life
The rapid OXY cube is characterized by a low consumption of consumables. The pyrolysis reactor can be used for several thousand samples. This reduces maintenance effort and increases the system uptime. In combination with the low carrier gas consumption, low operating costs are guaranteed.

Reliable results
The rapid OXY cube ensures highly reliable results through its innovative technology. Analytical results are always accurate and precise, as gaseous interferences and blanks from the pyrolysis reactor are minimized. This results in a detection limit of < 10 ppm and a reproducibility of < ±1 % relative standard deviation.
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