PEFTEC 2017 - CorDEX

Company: CorDEX
Stand No:  31
Address: Unit 1 Owens Road
Country:  United Kingdom
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Company Profile
We are the recognized global authority in the manufacture of Intrinsically Safe Tools & Instrumentation. We are known for bringing straightforward solutions to complex safety challenges which others haven’t dared to tackle. We are copied, envied and respected across the industry. We understand and embrace the challenges associated with hazardous environments. We look to design and manufacture products which are new and different in the marketplace and which tackle those challenges. Our focus is on unmet needs and simplified process. We will not be deterred. We invest time, money and energy in getting things right. Our products are strong and functional – they can be relied upon. At CorDEX we are leaders in the innovation and manufacture of instruments used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments. All of our instruments are specifically created for safe use in hazardous environments, which make us the authority in Intrinsically Safe Instrumentation. We invest in product development and certification to make sure our customers have the confidence that you need to stay safe. So our tools offer more than just safety, performance and accuracy – they give our customers the confidence to do the job. Our products may be Intrinsically Safe but you won’t see a trade-off in terms of usability or features. Our products, such as our range of IR Windows, have all of the usual advanced functionality you would expect from an industrial instrument. And like any other high quality instrument it comes with a full warranty and ongoing support from our in-house technical team.
Products on Display at PEFTEC
Intrinsically Safe Digital Imaging Camera Intrinsically Safe Thermal Camera Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Intrinsically Safe Lighting Panel mounted Thermal Imaging Camera Automation Thermal Imager IR Windows
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  • Process Monitors/Analysers
  • Sensors
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  • Safety Instrumentation