PEFTEC 2017 - Aerovia

Company: Aerovia
Stand No:  33 & 34
Address: 2 Esplanade Roland Garros
Country:  France
Represented Companies on this stand Innov Analysis System IFPEN Institut Français du Pétrole IMAC Engineering
Company Profile
AEROVIA designs and builds solutions for trace gas measurements.
Our high-performance instruments address a wide variety of markets including greenhouse gas measurements, automotive industry, air quality, industrial emissions, process monitoring and defence & security applications. AEROVIA has developed instruments based on infrared Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and TDLs combined with different spectrometry solutions: a direct absorption technology for ultimate measurement (ppt) and an unique and innovative photoacoustic spectrometer allowing high performance (accuracy, selectivity, speed), multi-gas versatility and easy-to-use equipment (portability, maintenance free).
Our analyzers are designed to address any requirements, from the standard 19" rack QCNose for shelters or laboratory use to the portable or wall-mounted QCBox.
Our latest collaborations lead to two analyzer dedicated to specific applications:
- LaserSmart, ATEX-certified analyzer specifically designed for the process monitoring in petrochemical and hazardous environments.
- GasMap, our transportable analyzer to carry out surveys and mapping of emissions over large areas
Products on Display at PEFTEC
QCBox, portable or wall-mounted analyzer for non-hazardous industrial process monitoring and field applications
LaserSmart, ATEX analyzer for process monitoring in hazardous environment
NovaSulf, Sulphur analyzer
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