PEFTEC 2015 - Exhibitor - 7Solutions in Gas Detection

7Solutions B.V. is the Dutch market leader in providing the market with quality Gas Detection Systems and related services. Think about training, calibration & installing on site, sales & rental, aftersales, and ©ven manufacturing customized gas detectors especially for your application.

7Solutions B.V. manufactures gas detectors/analysers like the AirWatch® Wireless Area Monitor:

Exclusive European distributor for:
- UNIPHOS Gas Detector Tube System
- GasClip® Technologies Portable Gas Detectors

Exclusive BeNeLux distributor for:
- Gazomat® Portable Gas Detectors
- RAE Systems Portable & Fixed Gas Detectors


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Products on Display at PEFTEC

- The UNIPHOS Gas Detector Tubes System
- The NEW 7Solutions AirWatch® Semi-Fixed Wireless Area Monitor
- 7Solutions Calibration Gas Cylinders
- Gazomat® Portable Detectors
- Multi GasClip® Portable Detector that runs 2-6 months on one rechargable battery
- GDS® Fixed Detectors
- Gas Sensors
- Calibration/Repairing/Servicing almost all brands of gas detectors for the lowest price in The Netherlands. Ready while you wait with a nice capuccino.

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