PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Universal tool for Hg determination in fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal)
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Analytical Techniques: Elemental Analysis and Speciation
Presenter Name: Dr Nikolay Mashyanov
Company/Organisation: LumexAnalytics GmbH
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

Determination of mercury in fossil fuels (natural gas, crude oil, coal) is a vital problem due to the fact that mercury presence creates problems related to environmental pollution, problems caused by amalgamation with some metal components and consequent metal embrittlement (particularly parts made of aluminum), poisoning of catalysts used in the industry, etc.

Lumex mercury analyzers allow measuring mercury fast and accuratly in all kinds of samples that is accosiated with oil&gas industry. Examples and case studies are presented on the seminar.

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