PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: The Ungoverned Space of Fire Engineering: Improved Test & Monitoring Methods
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Sensors and Remote Monitoring
Presenter Name: Dr Carl Hunter
Company/Organisation: Coltraco Ultrasonics
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

There are many elements that make up the petrochemicals and oil and gas market. From exploration and production both offshore and onshore to transmission and distribution, there are many high value, safety critical facilities which need to be well protected from fire risks. The value of the assets that fire systems are protecting is increasing rapidly but the competitive nature of the free market in the fire industry places great pressure on it to deliver systems which comply with the regulations and deliver asset protection at the most economical cost. Offshore Oil and Gas sectors are all safety critical, with possible catastrophic and expensive results in the event of fire. Following a fire, 40% of facilities experiencing business dis-continuity do not survive another 12-18 months afterwards.

Offshore gaseous extinguishing systems exist to protect, but we need to understand them so they can. Gaseous systems are pressurised and in that, they are dynamic not passive ones. They have transformed industry safety across all sectors. However, the development of their servicing and monitoring equipment has remained stagnant, with many very advanced systems relying totally on annual inspections, or unreliable mechanical pressure gauges. These methods leave the status of fire suppression systems completely vulnerable between annual checks. These gases leak. It is not a widely-promoted fact in the fire safety industry, except by some experts, and by those who understand the physics behind pressurised gases. If the agent leaks, they may be insufficient gas to suppress a fire in the event they are activated. If there is no agent, the fire will continue to burn and may lead to catastrophe by loss of life, and certain business downtime. They are active and dynamic systems which require constant monitoring to ensure safety of life, and increase resilience and business continuity. Thus, saving time and cost long-term by improved monitoring. The "white heat" of technology shines as a beacon of hope to our industry and so too enables justification for customers to actively engage in the monitoring of gaseous fire extinguishing systems as an integrated and essential element to their business activity.

Permalevel® Multiplex is the only 24/7, 365 ultrasonic continuous monitoring system of fixed fire extinguishing systems cylinder contents. It can be configured to provide local and remote alarm. Integrated into the existing safety management systems by selected communications capabilities. Available only from Coltraco Ultrasonics, this is leading technology, coming to the market to fulfil the "Ungoverned Space" of fire safety across all industries, especially high value, safety critical ones. The Permalevel Multiplex™ is designed to ensure that fire suppression systems are always fully operational and that no accidental discharge has occurred, which could affect the effectiveness of the overall fire protection system in the event that it is required for use. The Permalevel Multiplex reduces the need for labour by introducing remote, autonomous monitoring; the systems is mobile-device friendly so it is readily available on any hand-held device with web access. This protects people, data, and high value assets by improving safety management regimes by going above and beyond simply complying with regulations. This provides protection against claims raised in the event of fire by showing your facilities have been protected and well maintained.