PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Solid phase micro extraction of PAH's using a thermally robust specific polymer
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Standards & Quality Assurance
Presenter Name: Mr Shane Maguire
Co-authors:Mr Brian Regan
Mr David Faulkner
Dr David Collins
Company/Organisation: Dublin City University
Country: Ireland

Abstract Information :

One of the biggest and most toxic groups of persistent organic pollutants (POP) are polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, plastics, and pesticides. PAH by-products are typically formed through incomplete combustion of organic materials such as wood, coal, oil and from vehicle emissions. These types of polynuclear aromatic compounds continue to be a contaminant class of primary concern due to their widespread presence in the environment (present in air, ground and river water, soil, etc). Lighter PAHs are commonly found in air and water, while the heavier PAHs (>6 benzene rings) are extremely persistent in soil since their water solubility and mobility decreases significantly with increasing molecular weight. Typically, the greater number of benzene rings a PAH contains, the greater the carcinogenicity of the compound.

A variety of techniques have been reported for the extraction, analysis and determination of PAHs in environmental processes. Here we present some initial results for µSPME efficiencies and thermal stability for a novel high temperature divinylbenzene based polymer with a high specificity towards PAHs. Future work includes the further development of this polymer as a phase for both LC and in particular GC separations given its high thermal stability. Samples analysed included PAHs of varying molecular weights, mono-substituted benzene ring and non-cyclical alcohols with UV-Vis absorbance detection.