PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: SVM™ Stabinger Viscometer™ Technology for Refinery Products: Benefits and Standardization Status
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Standards & Quality Assurance
Presenter Name: Dr Jelena Fischer
Company/Organisation: Anton Paar GmbH
Country: Austria

Abstract Information :

Anton Paar's SVM™ 3001 is a highly precise viscometer with an integrated density measuring cell. Sometimes referred to as "the missing link" between dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity, the SVM™ technology was the first to combine the advantages of rotational viscometers with the high accuracy of kinematic viscometers. An integrated density meter combines the two worlds and allows for results both in dynamic and kinematic viscosity. One combined measuring cell covers the entire measuring range for viscosity, density and temperature and is filled in one go. A minimum sample amount of only 2 mL is sufficient for the multi-parameter results: A single measuring cycle on a small sample volume yields kinematic viscosity, density, dynamic viscosity, viscosity index and more. The SVM™ 3001 has a wide measuring range from -60° to +135°C with unprecedented heating/cooling rates of up to 20°C/min, allowing for measurements of samples ranging from jet fuel, diesel, lubricating oils to crude oils, heavy fuels and waxes.

As the heating is electrical, no thermal transfer liquids are needed for temperatures down to -20°C. The full cooling capability of the system is unleashed when connecting an external circulation chiller. Using pure water at +5°C even with the smallest external chiller on the market, a test temperature of -40°C can be reached. Even the lowest temperature of -60°C can be reached using water/glycol mixtures without the need for flammable liquids at all.

The new SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™ ensures temperature uniformity by using a highly conductive metal block instead of a liquid circulating bath. The ultra-compact design allows for integrating both the viscometer as well as the density meter in just about 50 mL of volume.

The innovative double-cell design of SVM™ 4001 allows for simultaneous measurements at 40°C and 100°C from a single syringe. As each of the measuring cells also contains an integrated density oscillator, density measurements according to ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 at each temperature are simultaneously performed. The minimum sample volume needed for Viscosity Index determination and the density measurements is only 2.5 mL. The Viscosity Index results according to D2270 as well as freely selectable API calculations are automatically shown on the touchscreen.

Anton Paar's Stabinger Viscometers™ have been first standardized in 2004 with ASTM D7042: Standard Test Method for Dynamic Viscosity and Density of Liquids by Stabinger Viscometer (and the Calculation of Kinematic Viscosity). ASTM D7042 has since been referenced in many national and international standards, for instance for jet fuel: ASTM D1655, D7566, D4054, Defence standard 91-91 and it also meets the requirements of the AFQRJOS (Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems). Recently, the EN 16896 was introduced: Petroleum products and related products - Determination of kinematic viscosity - Method by Stabinger Viscometer.