PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Recent advances in biodiesel testing specifications and test methods in Europe and in the United States.
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Automation of Chemical Analysis, Physical Testing and Sample Preparation
Presenter Name: Dr Raj Shah
Co-authors:Mr Aristidis Mihalos
Mr Philip Iaccarino
Mr Kareem Mehdi
Company/Organisation: Koehler Instrument Company
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

This poster deals with the assessment of biodiesel quality test methods when used as middle distillate fuels. In recent years, biodiesel has proven to be a good alternative fuel option on the basis of its carbon neutral footprint, sustainability, and economic viability. In the early 2000s, biodiesel regulation was insufficient and not properly integrated in the industry leading to numerous issues such as engine clogging. Since then, there has been advances to improve testing and design better test methods for biodiesel. Seeing the need in the marketplace, the National Biodiesel Board collaborated with the Vehicle Technologies Office to improve the specifications for B100 biodiesel blend stocks that are to be mixed with middle distillate fuels in ASTM D6751: Standard Specification for Biodiesel Fuel (B100) Blend Stock for Distillate Fuels. This poster serves to introduce the different biodiesel testing methods in D6751 and to elucidate the significance and limitations of each test. Additionally, the poster discusses other biodiesel test methods used in Europe and elsewhere that may be beneficial for ASTM D6751 to possibly consider in the future.