PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: MS and SFC - Perfect Partners for Petrochemical Analysis
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Analytical Techniques: Chromatography and Separations
Presenter Name: Prof John Langley
Company/Organisation: Southampton University
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Modern capillary gas chromatography (GC) affords fast and/or selective methods for the analysis of complex chemistries and when couple with mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is invariably the industry standard method of choice for analysis of low molecular weight petrochemicals.

Access to liquid chromatography (LC) has improved markedly with the introduction of the atmospheric pressure ionisation interfaces. The advent of ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC), and more recently ultrahigh performance supercritical fluid chromatography (UHPSFC), has further extended the chromatographic space and application areas for modern hyphenation. UHPSFC plays a particular role in the analysis of petroleum samples due to solvent compatibility and column selectivity.

This presentation will map the evolution of hyphenation and mass spectrometry, with UHPLC, UHPSFC and GC providing the diversity of techniques that are required to address the breadth of analytical challenges presented. It will show that hyphenation and ionisation are key to unlocking petrochemical complexity.