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Abstract Title: Wet deposition of Mercury and Associated DOC & TN in Monsoon Rainwater at an Industrial Site in Delhi
Presenter Name: sunaina sunaina
Company/Institution: Jawaharlal Nehru Unuversity
Session: Mercury Emissions: Monitoring and Analysis
Co-Authors: sunaina sunaina

Abstract Information :

Measurements of atmospheric mercury are very important as the mercury is a toxic element. The deposition of mercury on waterbodies and soils has human health consequences. Coal combustion is the major source of mercury in air. The increased number of industries and coal-based energy production suggest us to study atmospheric mercury and its fate. In the present work, rainwater samples were collected from Dilshad Garden (Delhi) which is categorized as an industrial site during monsoon season 2018. Mercury was determined by voltammetry method using the 797 VA Computrace (Metrohm, Switzerland) instrument. Immediately after collection of samples, nitric acid was added and stored in the refrigerator. The VA analysis was performed using certified reference mercury standard (Merck make cat. No 1.70226.0100). During analysis, mercury was measured in the range of 1.69 - 10.73 ?g/l with a mean value of 7.8 ?g/l. Other parameters such as Total Nitrogen (TN) was measured in the range of 1.31 mg/l - 101.2 mg/l having average value 16 mg/l while the DOC was in the range of 1.69mg/l - 9.67 mg/l with mean value 3.8 mg/l using using TN/TOC analyzer

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