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Abstract Title: Treatability of Mercury Contaminated Soils at a Former Munitions Site Using a New Remediation Amendment Technology
Presenter Name: Daniel Griffin
Company/Institution: Albemarle Corporation
Session: Mercury Treatment / Abatement
Day and Session: Monday 25th July - Session One
Start Time: 0600 UTC
Co-Authors: Daniel Griffin,Doug Gray,Jon Miller,Se Hye Kim

Abstract Information :

A novel remediation amendment technology platform known as MercLok? has been developed by Albemarle Corporation to address soil and groundwater impacts from mercury at contaminated mining, chlor-alkali, and munitions sites. Rapid sequestration of mercury and long-term stability was validated in bench and field studies in a wide range of soils and subsurface conditions. Ionic, elemental, mineral-bound and organic species such as methylmercury were included in the studies. Additional tests were conducted that exhibited high efficacy for other heavy metals and organic co-contaminants. Further supporting development, a mercury contaminated site in Germany was identified for conducting a field-scale pilot study. Resulting data was utilized to design and implement a multi-faceted pilot study. Objectives of the pilot were to further demonstrate field-scale efficacy at a munitions site containing high levels of elemental mercury in the soil and to determine different methods for applying the amendment into the subsurface. An onsite investigation was performed to collect a range of contaminated soils and groundwater samples in 2020. Tests were performed including but not limited to mercury speciation, leachability, and sequential extraction testing to optimize both amendment loading rates and chosen area of the pilot at the site. A pilot was designed to evaluate field-scale performance, amendment contact and delivery treatments using shallow soil mixing (SSM) and direct-push injection (DPI). Field implementation was designed using conventional methods and equipment currently available today. Loading rates on the order of 5-10 wt.% were determined to be appropriate to address mercury concentrations up to 500,000 mg/kg (ppm). To date, results indicate MercLok? is very effective in stabilizing and sequestering high levels of multiple species of mercury in the soil and effluent. The design, implementation, results, and conclusions of the field case study are to be presented.

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