Switch to Hydrogen as carrier gas safely and easily

Sion_TechnologiesLike the gas itself, Helium prices continue to rise, and are headed even higher.  Consequently, smart laboratories are looking to decrease their dependency on Helium as a carrier gas.  Of the three common carrier gases, Hydrogen is the best choice for capillary GC due to diffusivity and a broad working range, as long as safety concerns and proper controls are in place. However, Hydrogen is not safe for use with conventional techniques and equipment.

Any solution must meet two major requirements: it must be safe to use and must be justified by its Return on Investment.

Premiering now at PEFTEC 2019, Sion Technologies will present a live demonstration of it globally patented Ultimate Carrier Solution-the UCS-1000-a device that allows, for the first time, completely safe use of Hydrogen as the carrier gas while eliminating the release of split gases into the laboratory environment, all while saving 95% of the operational costs versus the use Helium.

Visit Sion Technologies booth #81.  Come and watch the Lab of the Future operating with nothing but Hydrogen as carrier gas.  It is the future of CGC!