Reliable and accurate trace level total nitrogen/sulphur/chlorine analysis in petroleum products

TSHR International will display a range of combustion elemental analysers for the fast analysis of total sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine in petroleum products in compliance with ASTM, UOP and CEN/ISO methods.

The TSHR 7000 Series is a compact combustion analyser with a vertical sample introduction and furnace design to analyse samples down to ppb level concentrations.

The TSHR 6000 Series is based on a horizontal sample introduction technique and is ideal for a wide range of applications with fast switching between TN, TS and TX. Both the 6000 and 7000 Series can be optional equipped with a range of liquid autosampler models using heated and cooled sample trays. The advanced GM 7000 can handle both pressurised and non-pressurised gases and LPG samples.

These solutions will drive customers in QC and routine labs to high productivity and low costs of operation with high accuracy and reliable total sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine data.