The NEX XT big thing in process sulphur analysis on show at PEFTEC

RigakuApplied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. will be presenting the NEX XT process sulphur analyser for monitoring Bunker Fuel blends to meet the 2020, IMO Marpol Annex VI regulation limiting sulphur content of fuel to a maximum of 0.5% at sea. In-line monitoring of these blends to ensure compliance with the new regulations, will be a critical part of the bunkering process going forward. In addition to the at sea levels, the 0.1% sulphur cap in designated Emission Control Areas (ECAs) remains in effect. Onboard compliance monitoring of this requirement in addition to the at sea blends, can be achieved with Rigaku’s portable NEX QC Sulphur analyser. Visit PEFTEC booth 62 for a preview.