Micro GC gas analysis innovations on display at PEFTEC

QmicroQmicro, based in the Nethelands, has developed the DynamiQ micro GC gas analyser product line. These on-line gas monitors are supplied in quantities - in an application specific configuration - to selected partner customers. Customers are typically systems integrators, OEM-partners or expert distributors, hence the instruments are configured for one specific application, after which they are sold as analysers for this single application.

The DynamiQ micro GC gas analyser is based on an innovative micro-gas analysis platform with integrated micro injector and microTCD detectors plus columns, all packaged in a small cartridge oven on a small host module. The DynamiQ platform contains silicon chips made by MEMS microtechnology and innovative micro assembly technologies. This technology not only miniaturises the gas analysis instruments, but is also increasing the speed of analysis. The size, speed and quality enables instrument manufacturers and system integrators to enter new fields of applications. Currently there are 3 DynamiQ product line series.