Experts in viscosity measurement to showcase low shear rheometer for low viscosity media

ProRheoFor over 25 years, proRheo has specialised in viscosity, as a global manufacturer of rheometers for laboratory and process applications. For example, the Low Shear Rheometer LS300 measures low viscosity media. Low shear measurements enable the rheological examination of substances with little burden on the internal structure, and without changing the molecules in polymer solutions. These measurements are possible without further effort to measure very low viscosity.

Typical applications include routine testing as well as for research and development in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine and biology for substances such as polymers, petroleum products and substitutes, emulsions, suspensions and solutions, paints and varnishes, cleaning agents, blood and blood plasma. Sample volumes depend on the measuring system but range between 0.07 - 2.4 ml.