The ultimate carrier free GC-PID Solution for BTEX monitoring

Pollution AnalyticalAccurate and reliable BTEX testing is crucial not only in preventing exposure and contamination that can affect human health and the environment, but it is also necessary to comply with European Directive and with EPA guidelines.

BTEX is monitored for both ambient applications, and industrial health and safety applications. The PyxisGC BTEX analyser, manufactured by Pollution Analytical Equipment, is a complete Micro Gas Chromatograph for real time environment monitoring of aromatics VOCs. It monitors ppb and sub-ppb concentrations of aromatic volatiles (BTEX) in air: it is designed as a stand-alone unit with integrated sampling pump, making it suitable for deployment in small sized air quality monitoring stations. The great advantage of PyxisGC BTEX is the introduction of the novel technology that does not require any carrier gas cylinder: this significantly decreases the need for periodic maintenance and cost ownership.