Measuring and calibrating atmospheric emissions economically with Swiss efficiency

LNI SwissgasCO2 taxes and regulations oblige the owners of power plants and incinerators to regularly measure and calibrate the emissions of their installations. The Sonimix gas mixers, from LNI Swissgas, enable the fulfilment of the regulation EN 14181 (QAL 1, QAL 2 and QAL 3) and the precise determination of atmospheric emissions. They also considerably diminish the number of cylinders required, lowering calibration costs as well as the handling efforts.

LNI Swissgas is a genuine multinational reference in the sector of gas generators, gas mixers and gas calibrators for analytical, industrial and environmental applications. With more than thirty years of know-how, 100% in-house production, continuous improvement and a unique R&D capability, the company is a market leader; offering innovative solutions that anticipate and meet the most specific needs of customers.