The thin-film of choice for petrochemical analysis

ChemplexChemplex® has been deeply involved in developing thin-film sample supports since 1971. One of the toughest materials to perform analysis on is in the Petrochemical field. Spectroscopists, chemists and lab technicians have tough jobs performing elemental analysis on many different types of materials. Crude oils, gasolines and diesel fuels contain aromatic and/or aliphatic hydrocarbons that tend to attack thin-film sample supports. Chemplex® has recognised this issue and developed the Etnom® thin-film sample support. Etnom® has the unique property that when exposed to aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, not only does it resist it, but it gets stronger. There are no thin-film loading effects and the Etnom® becomes more taught and the samples can be measured longer for more consistent results. Etnom® is available in thicknesses from 1.5μm to 6.0μm.