World class gas and chemical company to exhibit in Rotterdam

Air ProductsAir Products is one of the world’s largest merchant gases and chemicals companies and has achieved this status by listening to, working with and understanding its customers’ requirements.

Its 'Experis gas mixtures' range are used to calibrate analysers for process control and the quality control of final products in the chemical and petrochemical industries. These accurately certified, traceable, and stable calibration mixtures are critical to successful plant operation. Mixtures supplied are offered featuring components with individually calculated measurement uncertainties in both the gas and liquid phase and are recognised as being market leading products.

UHP (Ultra High Purity) and industrial grade gases are also available in different package types from single cylinders, to packs, liquid bulk and on-site generation. 

The BIP® technology offers the highest purity levels in argon, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen for the most demanding analytical applications.