New sleek additions to analytical portfolio take GC intelligence to the next level

AgilentAgilent is happy to announce the latest additions to its portfolio of intelligent GC systems. First came the disruptive technology of the Intuvo 9000 GC System, which took the GC world by storm, now, the Agilent portfolio of intelligent GC has two new members – the Agilent 8890 and the Agilent 8860. Not only do they look different – more sleek and modern – they take GC intelligence to a whole new level.  Touch-screens replace buttons and on-board diagnostics, counters and early maintenance feedback , take the guesswork out of problem-solving and maintenance scheduled – greatly reducing (if not totally eliminating) unplanned downtime.

The combination of the many intelligent features enables you to plan your day and spend your time on what matters most, delivering results, analysing data and attending to customers.  Agilent believes that people would rather spend their time finding a new customer, than a leak.