Gasmet focuses on mercury monitoring & CEMS

Gasmet Technologies The Gasmet Technologies (UK) stands (Nos. 38 & 39) will focus on continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for a wide variety of parameters including mercury.

The Gasmet CMMS (Continuous Mercury Monitoring System) has successfully completed EN15267-3 testing and now provides the lowest EN15267 certified range for measurements of Mercury. The instrument is certified across a number of ranges up to 1000 µg/m3, but importantly, the lowest range is 0 to 5 µg/m3. This means that the Gasmet CMMS is able to monitor at the low levels that are increasingly being required by environmental permits.

Gasmet Technologies (formerly Quantitech) is able to design, install and commission bespoke MCERTS approved CEMS for all specified parameters including particulates. These systems include the latest FTIR technology and MCERTS analysers for TOC and oxygen.

In addition to CEMS, Gasmet also provides the unique DX4000 portable FTIR analyser. A portable ambient/workplace version of this technology will also be on the stand. Experts will be available to help customers choose the best monitoring technology for their application.