Discover the gold at the bottom of the barrel

antonpaarThere is a new, no-hassle way to get the most out of your “bottom of the barrel” products - a robust and quick density meter which measures heavy products at up to 200 °C and takes just a few minutes to clean after use. DMA 4200 M is a versatile instrument that can be used for a multitude of tasks at multiple locations throughout the refining process. Application areas include offshore laboratories, refineries, and research and development establishments. The new DMA 4200 M is built to measure the density of bitumen, asphalt, vacuum gas residual, bunker oils, and other heavy fuels. Results allow you to use each barrel of crude oil, right down to the last drop. This instrument extends the renowned DMA M range of density meters by Anton Paar and builds on 50 years of experience in density measurement.

DMA 4200 M is a benchtop density meter which is 10 times faster than pycometer measurements and 5 times quicker than traditional hydrometer measurements. It is easier to use than traditional pycnometers and hydrometers, requires only a few milliliters of sample, and just a small amount of solvent for cleaning. All calculations and conversions are done automatically using the built-in API tables and density values are automatically calculated for the required reporting temperature.

The heart of DMA 4200 M is a U-tube made of Hastelloy, which has a much higher chemical resistance to hydrochloric acid and sour gas than stainless steel. With the DMA 4200 M density meter you get precise and reliable results for years with no risk of breakages or corrosion.

The gesture control is an accessory for the DMA 4200 M to operate the instrument without touching it. Imagine your hands are sticky and dirty with bitumen and you want to select a new method or start a measurement – now you can do this by using a simple gesture like swiping to the right or downwards. The handling of the gesture control is straightforward because the instrument directly responds to the gesture you make.

The syringe heating attachment is a DMA 4200 M accessory. It is specially designed for heating the sample inlet and the sample outlet as well as the special syringe for filling samples like bitumen, asphalt, and waxes. The samples are kept hot throughout the entire density measurement, without clogging the outlet. The syringe heating attachment guarantees fast, easy, and safe filling of the DMA 4200 M. It is a must-have tool for measuring samples with a high melting point.

Discover the gold at the bottom of the barrel – by accelerating and simplifying density measurements on incoming crude oil (according to ASTM D5002) and intermediate samples throughout the refining process and getting reliable QC of asphalt, bitumen, LPG, and fuel, compliant with ASTM D4052.

Discover the gold at the bottom of the barrel – with the new DMA 4200 M and its new useful accessories for the petroleum industry.