Combustion analyser for Sulphur and nitrogen

ElementarElementar’s trace SN cube is the world's most sensitive combustion analyzer for sulfur (6 ppb) and nitrogen (<15 ppb) in diesel, gasoline and related samples. The catalyst-supported digestion technology ensures complete digestion of all kinds of samples without soot formation or insufficient recovery. Thus, the analysis time is just 3-5 minutes, depending on sample type. The sample is always injected directly into the combustion tube. The trace SN cube works as two analyzers in one box. The sample is injected twice in different combustion tubes, which allows the specific optimization of the oxidation process for each element. Come and meet us at PEFTEC booth 86 to discuss best practice for ppb analysis!

Elementar offers the most dynamic range of elemental analyzers and stable isotope analyzers for the determination of the non-metal elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and halogens.