Complete speciation of sulfur compounds in hazardous area zone I and II using Ex d certified solution

To control natural gas composition, Chromatotec® has developed and manufactures the energyMEDOR® which measures with speciation all following sulfur compounds generally present in the natural gas: H2S/DMS/DMDS/Mercaptans. These new instruments are designed to work in hazardous areas such as ATEX zone 1 without any purge gas requested for operation.

This MEDOR Ex d solution is one of the only instruments capable to analyze all previously mentioned sulfur compounds in hazardous area without purge gas thanks to the MEDOR® wet cell detector.

It appears to be the best solution for these applications since it only needs a very small amount of zero air or nitrogen to operate (down to 4 ml/min) and its MEDOR® wet cell Sulfur Specific Detector is capable to detect sulfurs as low as 1 ppb. 

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