New Gas Chromatography system for Multiplexed GC Analyses

APIX AnalyticsAPIX Analytics develops and manufactures GC systems with a unique technology: a nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) resonator, the result of 8 years of collaboration between CEA/CALTECH resulting in 15 patents with exclusive licensing agreement.

The NEMS detector i 10x to 100x limits of detection improvement vs TCD for heavier hydrocarbons, leading to FID-like performance in a much smaller form factor and with no Flame and no need for H2 make-up gas.

The system intelligence is fully integrated within a small footprint plug & play module embedding the whole analytical chain of a conventional Gas Chromatography system (silicon injection, GC capillary column of separation, NEMS & µTCD detection).

APIX innovation is to integrate in only one system both detector NEMS and TCD for higher analyses, allowing ppm to sub-ppm level of detections from C1 to C10.

APIX is notably developing the Chrompix: a new Gas Chromatography system for Multiplexed GC Analyses that is mounted in a standard 19" rack with up to 4 plug & play analytical modules for simultaneous analyses of a single sample.

See Apix Analytics on Stand 62 at PEFTEC.