Colour Measurement for Petroleum

LovibondAn important procedure in petroleum processing is colour measurement. Colour is an indication of type and quality.  Within this industry, the colour of petroleum is an important indication of the status of the refining process from its crude state to its deliverables. Pricing across the world is set, partly, against the colour of the product. In some applications, colour is also used as a means of recognition as is the case with aviation fuel and ships diesel fuel.  Other petroleum products are required to be colourless such as food quality waxes. At Peftec, Stand No 126, the Lovibond® team will be available to discuss and demonstrate how colour should be measured according to industry standards and scales such as ASTM, AOCS and Gardner to mention just a few. During the seminar sessions, we shall also be talking about the importance of colour measurement and how to ensure accurate, repeatable readings.

A workshop on readings the importance of colour measurement for the Petroleum and Refining industry Will be taking place on day 1 at 11 - 11.30am in Room 4.