FTIR Analysers Drive Growth of Emissions Monitoring Company

GasmetTransportable multi-parameter analytical instruments have been key to the growth of an analytical services company based in Elk City, Oklahoma. Great Plains Analytical Services (GAS) operates a fl eet of mobile monitoring systems, providing onsite gas analysis for customers across the USA, and Gasmet FTIR analysers have enabled the company to offer a comprehensive onsite monitoring service.

CEO Jordan Williamson says: "About seven years ago, facing increasing demands from the US EPA, our customers demanded greater monitoring fl exibility. The performance requirements for analysers became tighter and a broader range of measurement parameters were required in many applications. As a result, we began to utilise Gasmet's FTIR technology and we are now running nine Gasmet DX4000 FTIR gas analysers."

Most of the applications handled by the monitoring teams at GAS involve the analysis of hot and often wet emissions. Consequently, the DX4000 FTIR analyser is the most commonly deployed instrument. Rugged and lightweight, the DX4000 fi ts into the rear of the GAS monitoring trucks, and with a heated sample cell and heated lines, accurate representative samples can be fed into the analyser without causing condensation. Typical applications for the GAS teams include natural gas, vapour recovery, and emissions monitoring of compression engines and combustion engines in the oil and gas sector and at other facilities such as hospitals and airports.

Jordan says: "In circumstances where an engine is not running effi ciently, we sometimes see unexpected peaks in the recorded spectra. This can usually be quickly identifi ed with an Advanced Library Search tool built into Gasmet's Calcmet professional software and by comparison with Gasmet’s spectral library of thousands of compounds.

"The power of FTIR has clearly been instrumental in helping to meet the demands of our customers and drive growth in our business. However, it is important to recognise the help that we have had from Gasmet, both in the US and from Finland. Their staff have always provided prompt technical support whenever we needed it. For example, they even developed new features in the Calcmet software for us, such as the automatic calculation of Fractional Model Uncertainty and Minimum Analysis Uncertainty fi gures required by the test method EPA TM320. These complicated calculations were previously undertaken manually, so Gasmet has saved us a great deal of time by building them into the software."

Summarising the benefi ts of Gasmet FTIR, Jordan says: "The small size of the Gasmet analysers means that we are easily able to fi t them into our fl eet of trucks, avoiding the need for trailers. Also, by providing a wide range of measurements, we are able to help customers improve engine effi ciency, whilst demonstrating emissions compliance. Importantly, the DX4000 is quick and easy to set up and run, which lowers our costs and means that we can deliver a fast, cost-effective service."

Representatives of Gasmet and Gasmet products can be found on the Quantitech Stand 62 & 63 at AQE 2017.