All-new Gas Monitor to be Released at Air Quality and Emissions Show

Turnkey-InstrumentsTurnkey Instruments will be releasing the all new iGAS instrument at AQE 2017 as well has demonstrating their full range of particulate monitors on Stands 74 & 75.

iGas is Turnkey’s new internet gas monitor. Its multiple gas sensors are housed within a temperature controlled manifold and aspirated by means of an ultra-quiet pump making the instrument equally suitable for both Outdoor Environmental and Indoor Air Quality monitoring. Typical sensitivities are given below. Carbon dioxide is detected by means of a non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) detector, VOCs (isobutylene) by a 10.6eV photo- ionisation detector (PID), and the other gas species by means of 4-electrode electrochemical cells. A propriety zero gas generation scheme is employed to eliminate zero drift in all of the gas sensor cells.