Innovative and Easy to Carry FID Analyser

pollutionVisit Stand 88 at AQE 2017 to discover how to make the determination of TOC in stacks with an innovative FID analyser which is easy to carry, from Pollution srl. Using the Polaris FID analyser it is possible to carry out VOC monitoring according to EN 12619 without lifting accessories and the heavy weights typically involved with FID analysers. With Polaris FID the portability is not compromised anymore and miniaturisation of the fl ame ionisation detector and volumetric sampling system results in outstanding energy savings allowing the use of built-in rechargeable batteries and a special hydrogen storage cartridge. Polaris FID analyser complies with the standard regulation but what is really a breakthrough and cutting-edge, is the unmatched portability and the next generation technology.

In conclusion, the Polaris FID incorporates, in just 13 kg and in a compact body, everything needed for a measuring campaign, making it the best choice for operators who have to climb industrial chimneys easily and safely.