CEM India 2019

CEM India 2017 - Spantech Products

Company: Spantech Products
Stand No:  16 & 17
Website: www.spantech.co.uk
Address: Spantech House, Lagham Road
South Godstone
Country:  United Kingdom
Represented Companies on this stand ACD, City, Honeywell, Sensoric, Portagas, Spancan, Sircal
Company Profile
Since 1977 the Spantech Group have supplied international customers with solutions for calibration gas measurements. With our office in Kolkota we are uniquely placed and experienced to provide technical expertise and the right solution from our range of suppliers. These include a wide range of options for gas sensors for OEM manufacturers and end-users, including electrochemical, IR and pellistor designs. We supply ISO certified gas cylinders from Portagas USA, and our locally filled alternatives. Our partner ACD provides cost effective, NIST traceable hand held gas generators for toxic ppm gases including Chlorine, H2S, ClO2, Ammonia, Ozone and HCN. We also supply rare gas purifiers (typically for Argon and Helium) from Sircal UK.
Products on Display at CEM India
ACD calibration gas generators, gas sensors, Portagas ISO certified calibration gas mixtures, Spancan low cost calibration gas cylinders, Argon and Helium purifiers.
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  • Calibration Gases