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Online Continuous emission monitoring system is very important aspect of discussion now a days and it comprises of 2 different fields, out of that one is measurement of emission using analyzers and another is transferring its values to various stake holders like industries, statutory bodies,government bodies, public etc to make them timely aware regarding what we are giving to our environment.

IT plays a vital role in transferring data directly from analyzers to various stakeholders using combination of best technologies, this become possible because of IoT. In India different stakeholders are very wisely using IT technologies for monitoring of emission data and transferring it to different stake holders.

-Because of IoT public can be made aware about the healthiness of our environment.
-Because of IoT Industries and other sources of emission can be made aware about what they are giving to the environment.
-Because of IoT government and statutory bodies can be made aware about which industry is not performing on to the threshold levels assigned to them with respect to pollutant level, what new measures can be taken to save the environment and if any new regulation is passed what is the outcome that is achieved out of new regulations all these aspects can be monitored using IT Technologies

In India 6000+ highly polluting industries small and large scale industries sending their online data to statutory bodies regularly on a interval of minutes. Various analytics is being run onto the data which provides in-depth of knowledge regarding which sector of industry is most polluting, which area of country is not performing well. Automated alerts in terms of SMS and email etc, MIS reporting can also be provided.

USE OF IT/IoT IN CEMS - Making deeper impact towards the human being !