Vidyanand Motghare

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board , India


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With rapid industrialization, it is becoming a need and necessity to regulate compliance by industries with minimal inspection of industries in this regards (Central Pollution Control Board) CPCB issued directions for Installation of Continuous monitoring of emissions and effluents systems from the discharge points of high pollution potential industrial units.

At present CEMS data helping regulatory bodies like (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) MPCB in close surveillance on industries, the data shall be used as tool to monitor performance of pollution control systems as well as to generate alarms on exceedances with respect to notified standards.

Implementation of real time pollution monitoring in Indian industries was one of the crucial steps towards sustainable industrial growth as verification, validation and accuracy check of the values indicated by the online devices needs to be done for proper interpretation of data. Majorly correct operation and maintenance and data use is still a challenge that ultimately doesn't match the regulatory requirement.

Therefore, MPCB takes efforts to bring discipline in the industries to exercise self-monitoring so as impart confidence on their compliance to notified standards by implementing online emission and effluent monitoring systems based on 'Polluter Pays Principle’. Currently out of 507 highly polluting industries 327 industries had installed CEMS with server connected to MPCB and CPCB.

MPCB provides platform for real time data acquisition and analytics for continuous online emission (CEMS), MPCB Common Software comes with pre-built analytics, alerts and reports for real time monitoring and decision making for both industries and board officials. With our unique technology solution to remotely calibrate and configure analyzer. In addition to above MPCB develop app for Mobile platform: MPCB - Real Time Monitoring & Data Acquisition with displaying Maharashtra’s air quality index which made accessible to common man.

To overcome problems associated with CEMS, MPCB conducting CEMS Gap audit of Major industries including capacity building of the local regulators and industry officials to get acquainted with CEMS & CEQMS principles, Operations, Calibrations and Data transmittance to SPCB / CPCB servers also MPC Board has conducted workshops for the MPCB and Industrial Officials in Mumbai Region to understand selection of instruments based on Industry applications, working principles, location of sampling sites and Calibration procedures of CEMS. Going ahead it is required to develop robust system for gaining confidence on CEMS data so that it can be used for regulatory purposes more often. MPCB will present case studies of Implementation of real time monitoring system in the state of Maharashtra in India.