Natalie Kühn

SK-Elektronik , Germany


After finishing the bachelor's of Engineering degree (Business Engineering/ Electronics) in Karlsruhe, Natalie Kuehn (18.12.1981) worked two years for Tyco International, Sydney (AUS)/ Auckland (NZ), within the Organisational Development Department, also working on international communication strategies and general integration/ qualification processes for intercultural business. Simultaneously she finished overseas the Master's degree in International Management (Intercultural Business) and completes her studies within a trainee program at the Louise Campbell Studio (Copenhagen), focusing on global product design and communication. Since 2006 she worked for SK-Elektronik GmbH/ MA (Universal Measurement Solutions), becoming the General Manager in 2009 (ownership 2012).

Short description about presentation:

The new regulation EN15267-4 presents multiple challenges to the measurement equipment used in the field testing scenario.
Following this new regualtion, special requirements within the field testing also request new technologies to build up a save measurement process, not only for the housing of the new devices, but also for the hydrogen generation and the gas bottle conditioning.
The complete measurement process has to follow upgraded safety requirements.
In addition to the new UPAS-FID product line and the UPAS-FID-PT we would like to outline the necessary and possible innovations, that expand measurement possibilities and solve possible safety issues to meet the new EN15267-4 Regulation.