Jochen Weh

LumexAnalytics , Germany


I'm holding University Degrees in Chemistry and Economics.
After 6 years in R&D for Analytical Equipment I moved into Technical Sales.
Now with 10 years of experience in international Sales of Analytical Equipment I joined the Lumex Analytics GmbH in 2018.

Short description about presentation:

Emission of mercury from coal-fired power plants, waste incinerators and cement kilns is a global concern. With legislation lowering the emission limits, the importance of accurate monitoring of emissions is getting more and more demanding.

Reliable monitoring in the 1 µg/m³-Range, applicable to new power plants in Europe, even under challenging conditions of humidity, complex chemical matrices and high dust conditions is paramount in installing and optimizing mercury abatement technics.

Short-Term Mercury trapping combined with a direct Zeeman Mercury Analyzer is the method of choice in flue and stack gas and can be performed on site. The method description and case studies from measurement campaigns at the plants in the EU are presented and discussed.