Steve Beynon

FLIR , United Kingdom


Steve Beynon is the Sales Manager for Optical Gas Imaging at FLIR. Steve joined FLIR in April 2006 as a UK Area Sales Manager before taking on the responsibility for the Sales and Business Development of the FLIR Optical Gas Imaging range of cameras in January 2011, for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Since 2011 Steve has dedicated his professional life to Optical Gas Imaging, presenting at several conferences in Europe and the Middle East as well as co-ordinating FLIR Product Management and Business Development activities supporting EU independent testing initiatives for Optical Gas Imaging.

Prior to joining FLIR, Steve spent 15 years in the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry. First as an apprentice engineer working for GEC Marconi, then full time in the Wireless LAN development team that ultimately developed Bluetooth technology, before moving into sales in 1996, selling capital gain metrology equipment solutions across Europe to the semiconductor wafer processing and related industries.

Short description about presentation:

This presentation will summarize the continued validation testing that has been conducted with the FLIR QOGI method. QOGI results are compared to known release rates and other quantitative methods under a variety of conditions and leak scenarios. Applications for QOGI in both upstream and downstream oil and gas and petrochemical industries are discussed. Comparisons are made between available quantification technologies in the context of Leak Detection and Repair, including Measurement Uncertainty and Limits of Detection.