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CEM 2018 - Gazomat

Company: Gazomat
Stand No:  17
Website: www.gazomat.com
Country:  France
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Company Profile
GAZOMAT, a company of the American ECOTEC group, is a specialist in gas leak detection equipment for gas network survey, fugitive emissions monitoring and operator protection in hazardous environments, providing top of the line instruments and working with some of the largest gas utilities in the world for the past three decades.

GAZOMAT’s detection technology is based on laser spectroscopy (tunable laser diode), offering high-level performances: Methane selectivity, ppb sensitivity and rapid response time.

The first to introduce traceability software working in conjunction with its vehicle mounted gas analyzers and portable detectors, GAZOMAT innovates further with new fully interconnected monitoring solutions, available as Web software and mobile app, thus addressing gas utilities’ needs for data integrity, network management optimization and regulatory compliance.

GAZOMAT’s major products include the proprietary ATEX certified INSPECTRA® Laser detector for both pedestrian and vehicle network surveys as well as the NGMesh gas monitoring Enterprise Application software with real-time geolocation, time signature, data logging for further analysis, reporting and auditing.

GAZOMAT has a reputation for great customer support backed up by a strong team of technical experts. The company has offices in France, Italy, the USA, China and Brazil and is represented worldwide through an extensive distribution network.
Products on Display at CEM
The Gazoscan is a laser-based hand-held remote methane leak detector of the latest generation. Methane selective, fast-responding, with a 50m (164ft) detection distance and the capacity to detect through glass, the Gazoscan is designed for natural gas detection over long distances.

The device applies to any situation where operating close to the inspection zone is not possible, increasing safety and efficiency for field personnel in gas utilities, pipeline construction and maintenance, first responders, fire departments, environmental compliance and other applications.

Its light weight and extreme manoeuvrability also make all the difference for a daily use.
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