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CEM 2018 - Fuji Electric France

Company: Fuji Electric France
Stand No:  46
Website: www.fujielectric.fr
Address: 46 rue Georges Besse - ZI du Brézet
Country:  France
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Company Profile
Since its foundation in 1923, Fuji Electric Group has expanded its business into the areas of various equipment and systems that improve the quality of life. Its technological innovations in the fields of energy and environment are recognized worldwide.
Now, through the unprecedented population growth and rapid advance of industrialization, the global is facing energy and environmental issues. Fuji Electric France is operating since 1995 as the EMEA base of the industrial instrumentation business and the environmental solutions, including Environmental Monitoring.
With 65 years experience in developing highest robustness and quality industrial gas analyzers, Fuji Electric is recognized globally as one of the leading providers of highest quality CEMS.
Fuji Electric France is the distribution, engineering, integration and service center for the industrial instrumentation and gas analyzers activity for EMEA. Since 15 years, we design, manufacture, and provide service for QAL1 (on land) and MARINE (on board) certified CEMS (gas concentrations, dust and volumetric flow monitoring), but also develop, maintain and provide the complete DAHS Suite Fuji CEM System v6, including automatic QAL3 module.
EMEA Fuji expert gas analyzers distribution, integration and service partners network is currently being reviewed and consolidated.
Products on Display at CEM
The Fuji CEMS gas analysis system enables continuous monitoring of flue gas from small, medium and large combustion plants. As required by European regulations, the Fuji CEMS is certified by the TÃœV in its entirety, from the sampling probe to the output of concentration measurements (CO, NOx, SO2 and O2).

Specifically developed in collaboration with the DREAL, the new Fuji CEM System V6 software suite enables the collection, analysis and use of data in accordance with current legislation, in particular the decree of 26 August 2013 and standard EN 14181.

Among these modules, the Fuji CEM Reports v6 and Fuji CEM Manager v6 software allow data collection, analysis and export. The Fuji ACE Data QAL3 software generates the statistical control charts needed to apply the QAL3 procedure, either manually or automatically.


This on-board system for continuous measurement of ship exhaust gas is certified DNV GL, LLOYD Register, RINA Rules and Class NK in accordance with international environmental regulations and certifications (MARPOL - IMO Directives).

This system integrates the latest generation of ZPA gas analyzer, ZFK7 O2 Zirconium analyzer and ZDL NOx converter. It has been specially designed for marine applications with potentially dusty smoke. The S-Keeper 7TM offers robustness and ease of maintenance unique on the market.
• Certified and continuous measurements of CO, SO2, CO2, NOx, O2, COV dust.
• SO2/CO2 measurement for the control of marine scrubbers (EGCS).
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