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CEM 2018 - Airmotec AG

Company: Airmotec AG
Stand No:  19
Website: www.chromatotec.com
Address: 15 rue d'Artiguelongue
Val de Virvée
Country:  France
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Company Profile
For 40 years, Chromatotec, alliance of the expertise of three companies, Chromato-Sud, airmotec, Medor, has been specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of online gas analysers by chromatography, exclusively made in France.
With offices in China and USA, the group is historically based in Gironde (South-West of France) since its creation.
Chromatotec is worldwide known for its leading-edge technology. Based on gas chromatograph principle, our analysers are focused on VOCs / Sulphur compounds / Odor monitoring. These technologies allow to track individual compounds at ppt/ppb/ppm concentration levels.
Products on Display at CEM
vigi e-nose : New e-nose GC based technology
vigi e-nose from Chromatotec is the next generation of e-nose for online odor monitoring. This network for continuous monitoring of odor and pollutant gases with speciation of Sulfur compounds and tVOCs at ppb levels is the most sensitive e-nose of the market, with detection lower than what human nose can detect (as low as 1 ppb for H2S).

Dedicated to industrial market (waste water treatment plants, landfills and refineries), vigi e-nose is able to identify the origin and the level of odors with a chemical approach to quantify leakage around the site. It also allows to be alerted when emissions limits are exceeded and to determine deodorization process efficiency, in order to optimize the performance of treatment facilities.

This unique solution provides reliable results with automatic data validation with embedded calibration system to be confident on results provided.

Integrated to the vigiOdor web platform, it offers possibility to define the odor it its chemical impact on neighborhood, according to real climate conditions and nearby residents observations. Thanks to performances tests using sensory panel perception around the site, industrials can then anticipate nuisance and treat emissions before they affect nearby neighborhood.

airmoVOC C6-C12 : Volatile and Semi Volatile Hydrocarbons measurement in ambient air near industrial area
Chromatotec has developed a specific instrument to measure Hydrocarbons C6 to C16 (including some Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons) with a sensitivity in the range of low ng/m3. It is designed to decrease the risk of interference caused by other molecules that may be present in the sample. A specific internal calibration system is used to validate the data and to ensure a good stability of the analytical solution. This all-in-one solution includes gas generators and sampling pump to make it completely autonomous. Results are presented as aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons for an easier data analysis. They can also be provided as sum of hydrocarbons. This flexibility in the software designed becomes of great help for the user during the phase of data study or to create reports.

chromaTHC : Total HydroCarbons analysis with chromaTHC
CH4 and Non Methane Total Hydro Carbon (NMTHC) Monitoring and analysis of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by flame ionisation detection (ppm level analysis). The chromaTHC is an automated isothermal industrial gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of volatile organic compounds in air (indoor, outdoor, combustion), industrial hygiene, pure gas like N2/CO2/O2.
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