CEM 2020

CEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: The D-Fenceline measurement system - advanced remote sensing solution accommodating the industrial monitoring challenges
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Fence line monitoring & measurement of fugitive/diffuse emissions
Presenter Name: Mr Gilad Shpitzer
Company/Organisation: Atmosfir Optics
Country: Israel

Abstract Information :

The polluting industries are facing new challenges. Extended focus , new legislation, regulations and better standards have been presented by governments and regulators for air quality management. New solutions are now required to provide continuous and spatial monitoring as a real time control and prevention tool for fugitive emissions.

The "D-fenceline" system based on O.P.FTIR is the most recent and advanced remote sensing air monitoring solution which has been developed to meet and accommodate these challenges. The revolutionary technology is installed along the fence line and is designed with a patented algorithm to calculate measured concentration and meteorological data in order to draw a clear picture of the pollutant magnitude and its origin. Dozens of compounds can be detected simultaneously, quantified and located by the system in an unprecedented detection limit, all in real time with alerting mechanism and spectral validation.

The technology which is supported by team of world leader scientists, worldwide experience and case studies will be presented.