CEM 2020

CEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Gas Cloud Imaging Technology for Emissions Monitoring
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Innovative Measurement Technology
Presenter Name: Dr Joshua May
Co-authors:Ms Amy Allen
Dr Robert Kester
Company/Organisation: Rebellion Photonics, Inc.
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

In our presentation, we will discuss our innovative measurement technology, implemented as Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) systems, as a tool for emission detection and quantification, and ultimately emission reduction. We will emphasize the technical foundation that gives accuracy to both our detection (including speciation and location information) and the quantification of gas releases using our new product offering, the mini-GCI. Our technology is groundbreaking in that it can produce a large amount of accurate and useful data in real time, and we will discuss how the industry is learning to use it to their advantage.

Common detection technologies such as point detectors and wearable devices require the detector to be inside the gas cloud. This means that weather and gas release conditions will determine not only the amount of gas detected, but will determine if the gas is detected at all. There is a high probability that large clouds will form before they reach a detector, which is particularly worrisome when considering the explosive and toxic properties of certain gases. In addition, technologies such as handheld infrared cameras require an operator to carry and interpret, adding further expense and risk. In general, individual gas detection technologies provide inaccurate location information, inaccurate quantification of the release, and have a high likelihood of false alarms.

Our GCI systems provide a solution for gas detection that is unique, accurate and effective. We will discuss the development of our passive optical technology that does not need cooling or any other consumables, and has fully autonomous operation, with no breaks in coverage (24/7/365 operation). GCI technology is based on hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and uses the absorption characteristics of gases in the mid- to long-wave regions of infrared light. In these regions, these gases have unique signatures, allowing us to easily distinguish gas types (up to ten simultaneously). This clear spectral signature also allows us to remove common false alarm sources, such as steam, the movement of foreign objects, and even rain, snow or fog, effectively guaranteeing that a detection is truly a release of gas.

In addition, the amount of absorption is directly correlated to the concentration of gas in the cloud. Our analytics will report the gas release and the cloud's concentration with high accuracy. Also, our technology provides a video feed (and a video record of detection events) that overlays the detected gas cloud on the video from a visible camera, in real time. This provides immediate location information, directing operators to the leak with no additional time or resources needed.

In conclusion, we will report on the innovation of GCI technology and highlight its technical operation and application towards emissions monitoring.