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Turnkey Instruments, a world leading manufacturer of scientific and industrial apparatus, have recently been awarded MCERTS certification for two of their particulate monitors. Under strict UK and European Laws, businesses who release emissions to air, land or water must monitor their discharge into the environment. The instruments used to measure these emissions must meet stringent guidelines, and Turnkey’s Topas and Osiris products have achieved such a standard


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Our product range includes DustMate, Osiris and Topas. DustMate is a hand-held detector ideal for short term sampling and is highly effective for monitoring air quality within buildings and clean rooms, Osiris is a small and compact instrument designed to study particulate monitoring on a short to long term basis, used to determine exceedance areas and Topas is a fixed station monitor designed for long term installation. With Topas, several sites can be linked together to form a larger monitoring system, controlled by our web server, using the 3G and 4G data network. Additionally, our latest noise monitor, i-dB can be used with both Osiris and Topas to create a full site monitoring station, designed to monitor both dust and noise emissions to meet all regulations.
The iGAS instrument is a breakthrough product in the market as it truly represents fantastic value for money whilst offering an extensive range of features that make using the iGAS instrument very easy. Furthermore, this product is available in all continents of the world.
The iGAS is flexible and compact, easy to deploy and maintain and has low cost ownership. It can measure and record up to 8 gas species simultaneously and has automatic zeroing by internal zero gas generation, virtually eliminating drift. The iGAS also records atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity.
This instrument has RS485, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as complimentary Android and iPhone apps. For your convenience, any data produced is accessible online, from your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Furthermore, the iGAS can be battery, mains or solar powered.
Turnkey will have a number of new products on show so please visit our stand for more details

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