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We are a highly-qualified team with long standing experience in particle analysis including differentiation, quantification and source apportionment. Whether airborne fine dust (TSP, PM10, PM2.5), non-exhaust particles, microplastics (tyre wear), nanoparticles, material contamination, sediments or volcanic ash, we can help you finding an answer to your questions. We are highly motivated and love challenging questions that require adapting or developing innovative analytical methods for the characterization and quantification of particles in the environment and/or industry with the ultimate goal of helping to adopt targeted countermeasures.


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Products on Display at AQESHOW

- Sigma-2 passive sampler for airborne dust (PM80-1) - Boron substrates (exposed in Sigma-2 samplers) to differentiate and quantify carbon-bearing particles (e.g. tyre wear, pollen, spores, coal, etc.) - Particle classification software MALEC based on machine learning - Differentiation and quantification of non-exhaust particle immissions (tyre, brake and road wear)

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